What Are Families Looking For: Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is a goal for which Friendship Christian School strives on a daily basis.  Our mission statement is constantly before us to “provide an excellent educational experience from a biblical worldview in order to produce the next generation of well-rounded servant leaders.”  But what exactly does it mean to provide “an excellent educational experience”?  […]

What Are Families Looking For: Safety

As we begin to look at the 6 main factors that prospective parents and current parents care about the most in their child’s school, I do want to lay out a disclaimer. I know we are not perfect! As a Christian individual and leader of a ministry, I am certain there is room for growth […]

What Are Families Looking For?

Late Spring 2017, we conducted an independent survey with GraceWorks Ministries. We chose GraceWorks because their survey has been used by over 600 Christian schools with over 90,000 respondents. They were independent of FCS, so we knew there would be no bias in the results. Over 189 FCS constituents completed the survey. We wanted to […]