Spirit Week

We are looking forward to a FANTASTIC SPIRIT WEEK January 2-4.

Clash of Classes

We will have three days of competition among grades. Points will be awarded for highest percent of participation among students in that grade, most creative/imaginative outfit, and for competitions during pep rallies. Classes who earn the most points over the three days will receive a special reward.

School Cheer: Each grade will come up with a school cheer which will be performed throughout the pep rallies.

Wednesday, January 2 Whenever Wednesday: Each grade will choose a decade/time period from the past or the future (be creative and imaginative).  

Thursday, January 3 – Three or More Thursday: Get with 3 or more of your classmates and dress according to a common theme/idea – the more creative, the better. Points for the largest group and for the most creativity.

Friday, January 4 – Falcon Friday: Go crazy; be wild! As much green, black, and white as we can get. Dye your hair (make sure it’s washable) color your face, create a great costume, wear streamers, whatever you can come up with.