8th Grade Field Trip to Williamsburg, Virginia


On October 1st, my classmates and I went to Williamsburg, Virginia to see a re-enactment of how life was in the 1700’s during the colonial time. We were so overwhelmed because there was so much to see in such a little bit of time.

We learned that a normal week back in the 1700’s would have gone something like this. On a typical day, everyone would wake up in a small house with sparse furniture; then you would help Ma make a meal that would consist of corn mush and bread. After everyone had eaten, it would be time to work. Work for someone my age probably meant schoolwork and chores. From Monday to Saturday, all you would do was work, eat, and sleep. The only change would be on Sunday, which was and still should be, the day reserved for the Lord and for rest. Everyone in the house would go to morning service. If you did not attend a church service at least once a month, a member of the church would come and see what your excuse was and if they didn’t feel it was a legitimate reason, they would put you in the pillories.

Another reason why one would be put in the pillories is if a criminal was being disrespectful before his trial! The person watching him at the time could put nails in his ears so that he wouldn’t have choice but to keep his head up. Instead of gently taking out the nail, the colonist would take a knife and slice it through the rest of the person’s earlobe; permanently marking them as a criminal.

We had a great tour guide, Mrs. Susan Mullen. She actually demonstrated to us how a real trial would go using my friend, Charlee Monroe who was supposedly accused of stealing a pig.

We (and I speak for the whole class when I say this) really enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg!! These are some of my classmates’ favorite things that happened.

“My favorite part of the trip was riding the ferry and playing hoop and stick.” ~ Faith Beverly

“My favorite part was when we saw a general and he explained to us about the independent freedom of the slaves.”  ~ Mark Meyer

“I liked how Williamsburg was set up exactly how it was back then and how we got to sit where they did.” ~ Audrey Kephart

“I really thought it was cool that I got to stand in the same place that Blackbeard’s pirates were in.” ~ Riley Gomillion

“I really enjoyed the Governor’s mansion because I enjoyed seeing how the government was back then.” ~ Charlee Monroe

“My favorite thing about Williamsburg would have to be how they dealt with the criminals!” ~ Cody Self

“My favorite thing about Williamsburg was the ferry ride because of the awesome view.” ~ Brandon King

“My favorite part of the Williamsburg trip was hanging out with friends and growing stronger bonds with them.”~ Zac Hutchinson

“My favorite part was definitely the capital building.”   ~ Andrew Elliot

Even our tour guide thought we were the best. She said, and I quote, “Friendship Christian School was a great group and their behavior was sterling!!” ~ Mrs. Susan Mullen


        My experience at Williamsburg taught me that respect is the key. If you respect yourself and others, the world would be a better place. Yes, times were harder back then, but people stood for what was right and did what was right for the most part also. Titus 2: 7 and 8 sums it up the best, “In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, sound speech, that cannot be condemned but he that is of the contrary part, may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.”

My favorite part of the Williamsburg trip is what it showed me. I realized that I have so much and that I should be more thankful for it and not take it for granted. I now realize that the Lord gives me some many  blessings everyday!!  For example, being able to come to a Christian private school and having Christian teachers that teach us all the different subjects and also the most important subject, the Bible. It is time, we all start appreciating all the blessings that the Lord gives us daily.

~ Morgan Estes