Bible Quizzing and Teaching at Fine Arts

For the first time in many years FCS had a team participate in the NCCSA Jr. High Bible Quizzing competition.  In mid-January six 8th and 9th grade students began studying the book of Matthew to prepare for this competition.  They spent a great deal of time with their coach Mrs. Walston memorizing verses and studying general knowledge questions.

On March 18 they traveled to Vandalia Christian School in Greensboro and competed in a double elimination tournament against six other schools.  In the first round, the students went against a very talented team from Tabernacle Christian (Monroe) and Trinity Christian (Fayetteville), also a newcomer to the competition.  Tabernacle won that round with Friendship and Trinity tied for second; Friendship won the tiebreaker before advancing to the next round.  Friendship went to compete in four more rounds and were eventually eliminated in their fifth round.

Overall FCS came in fifth place out of the seven teams.  They finished first in one round, second in two rounds and, third in two rounds.  The competition was tough and Bible Baptist (Matthews) eventually won.

FCS also had students participate in the Bible Teaching category for the first time in several years.  Two young ladies, Olivia Tucker and Lynden Pedder, prepared Sunday School lessons that could be taught to elementary age children.  They worked very hard preparing lessons on Faith and From Doubt to Belief.  They were able to practice teaching their lessons to our elementary students and received coaching from the elementary teachers and Mrs. Walston.  On Thursday March 19 they presented their lessons to a panel of judges at the Fine Arts Competition at Raleigh Christian Academy.  They did a great job overall and received good comments from the judges.  Congratulations to Lynden who finished third in the state among Junior High Bible Teachers.  We hope to have more students participate in this category in the future.

We are very proud of the students who competed in Bible Quizzing and Bible Teaching.  Both competitions were a great learning experience for our students.  We would like to encourage more students to participate in these categories as well as Bible Memory.

Mrs. Walston – Bible Quizzing and Teaching Coach