Fine Arts Results

Thirty-six schools from across the state competed in the 2015 NCCSA Fine Arts Competition.  FCS was entered in several categories and had many students and groups place in the top 3 in the state.

Our middle school band and choir placed in all five events we entered.

  • Band – 1st (4th time in 5 years)
  • Large Instrumental Ensemble – 1st
  • Choral Group – 1st
  • Youth Choir  – 2nd
  • Large Vocal Ensemble – 3rd

The High School Band came in 2nd place and the Large Instrumental Ensemble came in 1st place.

We had three students place in speech.

  • Hannah Kennon-  2nd Declamation
  • Tori Simmons- 2nd Religious Interpretation
  • Ally Murr- 3rd Dramatic Interpretation

We also had several students participate in academic testing and journalism earlier in the semester with many of them placing in the top three in the state.

Academic Testing:

  • Karie Jensen: 1st place Jr Hi OT Survey
  • Karie Jensen: 3rd  place Jr Hi NT Survey
  • Caleb Greear: 1st place Jr Hi History/Geography
  • Aaron Walker: 1st place Sr Hi  Music Theory


  • Vickie Salerno: 3rd  place Jr Hi Poetry

Our art students faired very well with 13 of our students placing in the top 3 in the state.  (See previous post for the list of those who placed in art)

Thank you and congratulations to all who worked hard and represented FCS at Fine Arts.