Exam Tips

Exams!  Does that stand for “EXtreme Academic Mental Stress” ?

No way!  Here are several tips for students to prepare to be successful during exam week.

  1.  Plan ahead.

Look at your schedule over the next 10 days or so to be sure you are allowing time each day for study time.  Cramming one or two nights before an exam is never the best way to prepare for any test, much less a comprehensive one.  Begin studying now by reviewing previous tests and making sure you have marked topics/content that needs to be reviewed multiple times.  Those of you in band and choir should prepare early for Friday’s exam knowing that the Christmas program rehearsal will take place the night before (Thursday, December 15, 6:30 pm).  Because of this, only one exam is scheduled for Friday (along with ice skating) so Friday will be a lighter exam day.  My suggestion is to prepare now for the Thursday exam (Bible) and Friday exam (middle school–2nd period exam, high school– 4th period exam).  Refer to full schedule below.

  1.  Follow the teacher’s directions and guidance.

Since the teacher created the test, he is most qualified to inform you of what you are expected to know.  Your teachers are sending out emails and noting items on Renweb, Curriculum Loft, or Google Drive that will help you as you prepare for exams.  Read each one.  Several teachers are beginning exam review either tomorrow or Monday as they anticipate the Christmas program.  Pay attention! Remember, the teachers want you to succeed.

  1.  Prioritize.

There are two thoughts for this.  First, consider the exam schedule to make sure you are preparing for the exams in the order you will take them.  Please note that we are giving extra study time next week for you to study, and teachers are reserving class days for the express purpose of exam preparation.  Second, make sure you devote ample time to the subjects that are difficult for you.  It would be easy to spend a lot of time on an easier subject and neglect one that might be more difficult.  Avoid that pitfall by preparing appropriately for all of your exams.

  1.  Organize a quiet place.

Find a quiet place to study (turn off the cell phones and TV) and organize your materials for easy access.  Make sure you have all notes, previous tests and essays, and textbooks that you will need in one place so you aren’t wasting time trying to find items.

  1.  Find creative ways to review.

Study groups, Quizlets, flashcards, and study partners all have their places for review.  Talking through and demonstrating concepts may help you to solidify what you know.  (If you can teach it to someone else, you must know it well yourself).  Find a method that works for you.

  1.  Take short study breaks (with snacks) and get plenty of rest.

Be sure you are using your time efficiently.  This may include getting up and moving around and grabbing a good snack, too.  Keep an early bedtime–even over this weekend.  Adequate sleep and nutrition can be just as important as any other form of preparation.  Don’t neglect this one!

Printable version: exams-tips-for-preparation

See full exam schedule below: