Falcon Fun Run

To give your child the best educational experience possible, we’re excited to raise funds for the new surfacing in the playground and some other school items! And we’re hosting a Fun Run to make that happen. Family and friends anywhere in the world can support our school by giving pledges toward the number of laps your student will run on the day of the Fun Run on April 20, 2018Our 2-week Fun Run program kicks off on April 11, 2018!

Plus, leading up to the Fun Run, elementary students will learn how to be brave and live with character through an unbelievable character theme, Castle Quest.


1. Register on FUNRUN.COM on APRIL 11, 2018.

2. Connect with sponsors—friends and family who can donate to help our school.

3. Cheer on your child! (Come to the Fun Run on APRIL 20,2018)

4. Collect! Pledge money is due one week after the run. Checks are payable to the school.

From Mr. Nelson, Head of School

Fun Run & Color Run Goal

View our annual fund projects for this year and from the past four years below.

2017-18 Annual Fund Projects

  • White activity bus
  • Intercom system upgrade
  • Security door system upgrade
  • Phase one for new playground surface
  • Upgrade academic, fine art and athletic programs
  • Increase tuition assistance

2016-17 Annual Fund Projects

  • New computers for the teachers
  • Upgrade academic, fine art and athletic programs
  • Outdoor netting for ballfields
  • White minibus
  • White activity bus
  • Increase tuition assistance
  • Added new benching for recess areas
  • Upgraded Camera system for live streaming

2015-16 Annual Fund Projects

  • 4 Computers for the Specialized Learning Center
  • Document cameras
  • Respondus assessment tools
  • Interactive projectors for classrooms.
  • New Mimio pads for teacher and student use
  • Die cut sets for teachers
  • New HP laptops for high school students
  • Concert bells with stand
  • Gong with stand
  • Vibes for band
  • Instruments for elementary music classes
  • Indoor soccer goals
  • 2 stands for Power blocks
  • 1 set of Power blocks
  • Volleyball sidewinder net storage system
  • Volleyball blocking hands
  • New signs for interior and exterior of buildings
  • Long range camera lens

2014-15 Annual Fund Projects

  • Kuno tablets
  • ESL interactive program – Reading Smart
  • Advanced Kindergarten reading materials
  • Document camera(s) to be shared
  • Robotics kits
  • Preschool/TK toys
  • Anatomy models for science classes
  • School instruments, bags, and cases
  • Chimes for band
  • Bass Clarinet
  • French Horn
  • Instruments for elementary music classes
  • Telescopic camera system (“endzone” camera) for videoing soccer, baseball, basketball games, and fine art programs for relatives to view from home
  • Batting Cage
  • Mats for the weight room

2013-2014 Annual Fund Projects

  • Outdoor Field Electronic Score Board
  • Classroom Technology Upgrades
  • Campus Wireless Network (final phase)
  • Lobby Guard Visitor Management System for the safety of our students
  • Kuno tablets for all teachers and 11-12th graders
  • Redesigned gym floor with new Falcon Logo
  • Wireless projectors in all classrooms
  • New chairs for the band room
  • Google Chromebook Portable Lab
  • Campus Wireless Network (phase one)