Miss Adkins Earns Master’s Degree

Breanna Adkins, who is in her third year of teaching 2nd grade at Friendship, recently earned her master’s degree in special education from Colorado Christian University online.

She officially began this process about two years ago when Lisa Joyner, former Director of the Specialized Learning Center, helped Adkins find a university that would suit her best. The unofficial process, however, had begun much earlier. After finishing high school, she felt God wanted her to attend Pensacola Christian College. She packed up and moved to Florida, but PCC doesn’t have a special education program, she shared, so she decided to study elementary education instead. Upon graduation, Adkins returned to her home at Friendship Christian and immediately put her education into practice, teaching and loving second graders. It was during her first year teaching that she had two students with different special needs. Her heart for special needs children overflowed, and she really enjoyed finding ways to help these two students learn.


Miss Adkins said all second graders learn so differently. Her master’s degree has helped her prepare for this next step in the Specialized Learning Center, but so has her classroom of students now. She already desires to find ways for each student to learn and grow to his or her full potential. This will benefit her as she transitions next year.

Being able to balance all the credits needed for a master’s degree on top of lesson plans, emails, and a class of second graders was no easy task. This process has been tough, but she wisely shared, “If God gives you the desire to do something, He’ll give you the tools and the people to help make it happen.” She expressed gratitude for her coworkers here at Friendship that helped make the process a little easier.

Miss Adkins will be teaching in the Specialized Learning Center for the 2018-2019 school year.