Graduation 2018

On Friday, May 18, our kindergarten class graduated! It was a sweet time hearing all about what the children learned this year. Mrs. Joy Raley did a fantastic job preparing the students for their program, and it was enjoyed by many parents and friends.

On Friday, May 25, it was the senior class’s turn. The auditorium was full as Pastor Tom Wagoner preached on “Climb the Mountain” (I Sam 13). He used the life of Jonathan to encourage the graduates and audience to 1) assess the cost, 2) leave the crowd, 3) enlist a comrade and 4) begin to climb. His points caused us to think of what we are called to do (what is our purpose?), to be willing to do it alone if necessary, to understand that real Christian friends will follow (and of course we always have God with us if no one follows), and to then accomplish it. Kristin Morin’s Valedictorian speech illustrated Pastor Wagoner’s message before he even preached it. Kristin gave an honest testimony from her high school years of how the Lord allowed her to move from pleasing the crowd to climbing the mountain to glorify God regardless of other’s opinions. Morgan Estes in her Salutatorian speech gave the clear plan of salvation. It was certainly a night of celebration.