High School Field Trips

Ninth Grade – Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, Virginia

The ninth graders had an early morning on Thursday, September 20. They departed Friendship and headed for the Norfolk Naval Base. After touring there, they visited Nauticus Museum and Mount Trashmore. On Friday they enjoyed visiting Jamestown, riding the Scotland Ferry, and exploring Dominion Power Plant before grabbing dinner and heading home – a short but good trip for our Freshman, packed with lots of history and science.

Tenth Grade – Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter

FCS Sophomores had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. They were blessed with beautiful weather, safety for 1,100+ miles, two birthdays (Catherine and Conner), and smooth traveling as they crossed through five states. They learned about the beginning of life and the deep questions that arise where two world views collide, all while enjoying the museum and petting zoo, a planetarium show, a fun science-themed escape room activity, and even spending the night inside the Ark.

Eleventh Grade – Washington, D.C.

The eleventh grade class took off on Wednesday for Washington, D.C. Their trip was packed with activities and information about our nation’s history. On Wednesday they arrived at the Marine Corp Museum. That evening they visited the Crystal City Mall along with several monuments and memorials. They even participated in the Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery. Thursday began at Ford’s Theatre where students learned about President Lincoln and his iconic death. They also toured the White House, visited the Holocaust Museum, and visited some more memorials. Friday was made up mostly of two tours – the Capitol and the Pentagon. The students finished out their trip on Saturday at the Bible Museum. What a full trip for our juniors!