Exam Schedule and FAQs


**Please note the designated times for students to clean out their lockers. All lockers need to be completely emptied by the times below.

High School—Friday, May 24 12:20-12:30

Middle School—Tuesday, May 28 12:20-12:30

**The end-of-the-year breakfast for middle/high school students is 7:55-9:30 am on Friday, May 31. We will be serving pancakes and drinks. Middle school students eat from 7:55-8:45 in the MPR. High school eats in the MPR from 8:50-9:30. Middle school students will go straight to the MPR. High school students may arrive later (by 8:45) and will go to C-19 and media center to talk and/or play games until it is time to eat. High school students can go to picnic tables also—if the weather is nice. At 8:45, groups will switch. Sixth grade will go with Miss Boehme to C-5; 7th -8th grades will go to C-19 and media center.


  1. Who takes exams?
    • Students in grades 6 and up will take exams following the schedule below. Students must be on time for the study period directly before the exam and for the exam as well. Students are not permitted to leave early during an exam block.
  2. How can a child qualify to be exempt from a final exam?
    • Students earning an A average for the year and having 10 or fewer absences (note that every five tardies is equal to one absence) from the full-year class may be exempt from some exams (Bible, history, science, Spanish, English). One-semester classes have a 5 day absence maximum (again, every five tardies equals one absence).
    • During the week before exams, teachers will notify students of exemption status. Students are required to complete all reviews regardless of exemption status.
  3. Are there any classes that do not offer the possibility of an exam exemption?
    • Yes. All students must take math exams. Students in dual credit courses will follow the teacher’s guidelines.
  4. What happens if my child has missed more than 20 days of a class between absences and tardies? Will my child need to repeat the class?
    • Students who are passing the course but have exceeded the 20 absences (or equivalent combination of absences and tardies) may be required to make up the difference. The cost for the extension is $30 per class period. The specific arrangements go through the teacher of the missed class. If that teacher is not available or cannot work out a feasible schedule, the arrangement will then go through Mrs. Soemer. Payment goes to the school office.
    • Students who are not passing the course will be considered on a case-by-case basis to see if a summer extension of the course
    would provide enough time for the child to meet the course requirements. The cost for the extension is $30 per class period
    (equivalent) for the determined number of class periods needed and is available on a limited basis.
  5. How can I check my child’s absence/tardy record?
    • These records are located on Renweb under Student Information. Look for absences and tardies marked as AE, AU, TE,
    TU, or PPA. Note that both excused and unexcused events accrue when determining exam exemption or course extension.
  6. Does the school ever make exceptions to the exam policy for children who miss an exam time period?
    • To maintain the security of the exam, all students in a course must take the exam during the scheduled exam time. Any exceptions
    to this policy would go through Mrs. Soemer in advance and would be considered for an unavoidable event. If approved, the cost to
    take an exam at an alternative time is $45 per exam. The scheduling of the missed exam would be at the discretion of the teacher
    and administration. Alternative exam times cannot be prior to the scheduled exam time. A student missing an exam time without
    prior approval and without a doctor’s note will earn a zero on the exam.
  7. How does the requirement for Christian service hours affect high school students?
    • High school students’ Bible exam grades are directly tied to the 6 service hours per semester. Students are to submit these
    hours to Mr. McClain by Wednesday, May 22. Students who have not met and submitted this minimum on time are required to
    take the Bible exam, regardless of their grade in the class. Also, the service hours count for 30% of their Bible exam grade, so it is
    critical that these hours are completed and submitted to Mr. McClain on time.
  8. How does the awards ceremony work on Friday morning (May 31)?
    • We desire for all students to attend this awards ceremony and final day of school. The dress code for awards is in keeping with
    sports awards: Young ladies wear school pants (no dresses/skirts). Young men wear collared shirts as usual. Middle and high
    school students may choose to attend the 4 th annual end-of-the-year breakfast held just before the awards. Middle school will go to
    the MPR at 8:00. High school may come in later since their breakfast begins at 8:50 in the MPR.
  9. What will be covered on the Final Exam?
    • Final exams primarily cover material from second semester. About two weeks before the exam, teachers will begin discussing
    what the students need to know for the exam.