Senior Internship Highlights

While the rest of the high school classes were on field trips, the senior class had the opportunity to jump into the work force.

Students are to choose a field they could be interested in pursuing and find someone in that field. They usually intern for 2 days / 5 hours each day. Students are also required to turn in a report detailing their time and what they did, followed by a personal evaluation of what they think after spending time behind the scenes of their perspective field. We talked to some seniors and heard a little more about their specific internships.

Hannah Goodban did her internship at Help Me Rhonda Interiors. She got to put together pieces of furniture, observe how Rhonda worked with a client, and file paperwork. Her internship was eyeopening for her. “Interior Design is not always what it seems like on HGTV. You have to have a basic knowledge of math and measurements.” Hannah doesn’t know for sure what her career will be just yet, but she did enjoy her internship and says it’s something she may like to pursue in the future.

Caleb Cahoon interned with the North Carolina Republican Party.

Bowen Deng interned with City County Bureau and Identification with agent Shayne Smithey. He learned about each department’s differences and how they work together. He even got to tag along on a crime scene investigation. Bowen said he enjoyed his time at his internship and he may be interested in pursuing criminal justice in the future.

Nicole Bell interned with His Radio.

Amy Nguyen interned with the United States Department of Agriculture at NC State University. She got to visit the lab, learn about fermentation, microbiology, and natural color change. She even said she got to see the process of producing milk! Amy enjoyed her internship and says she would like to continue in the same field.

Alice Zheng did her internship with Dr. Anderson at his internal medicine office. She sat in and observed as he met with his patients and treated them. Alice said she learned that it is important for a doctor to use cautious language to communicate with his patients. She enjoyed her internship but is not sure if she wants to pursue a medical career. She did say her time with Dr. Anderson confirmed her desire to study biology in college.
Thank you to all our internship hosts! We appreciate your hospitality in letting our seniors jump into the workforce with you.