Spirit Week

Spirit Week Theme Days

All students are encouraged to be as wild and creative as they can for each day’s theme. Face paint and temporary hair coloring are allowed as long as you are participating in the theme.

Monday the 6th – Media Monday

* Dress as any character, concept, logo, theme, etc. of your favorite movie, TV show, or game.  Remember, it must be appropriate according to our standards.

Tuesday the 7th – Team Up Tuesday

* We want everyone to take a side: Mr. Loy will be heading up the NC State Team (red), Mr. Clark will be heading up the UNC Team (light blue), and Mr. Brondyke/Mr. Sellars will be heading up the Duke Team (dark blue/black). The teams will be judged on who has the most supporters as well as who has the most spirit. Find and recruit supporters for your team.

Wednesday the 8th – Wake Up! Wednesday

* Anything related to sleeping and trying to wake up: pajamas, teddy bears, alarm clocks, beds, etc.  Get creative!

Thursday the 9th – Three or More Thursday

* Find at least 3 people (classes can do a class theme) to dress in a creative theme. The more creative, the better! The more, the better! Past themes: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Popular Restaurants, Social Media Posts, Coffee Cups, Ninjas, etc.

Friday the 10th – A Very Very Falcon Friday

* As much green, black, and white as possible! Be creative and show your spirit!

* Homecoming/Senior recognition after the games