ACT/PreACT on March 24


Attention, Juniors! We are fewer than 3 weeks away from the on-site administration of the ACT on March 24. For most of you, this is your first time taking the ACT, and you may be a bit nervous. So, how can you be successful without being stress-filled?

1. Arrive at the school gym by 7:45, and have all required materials with you.
2. Pay attention to Mrs. Jensen’s instructions–especially over the next few weeks–so you know what to expect and what to bring with you.
3. Do not schedule any interfering appointments. This test cannot be made up.
4. You will be dismissed for the day when your group has finished taking the ACT.  For many of you, that will be around 12:30. This should inspire you to hang in there and give your best effort for the required amount of time.
5. Review the strategies that Mrs. Jensen has been teaching you. She knows! You can also access free and for-purchase tips/books by following these links:

Tips for success on ACT from Education Corner
Prep Scholar Blog–ACT websites
Official ACT Prep Book (much cheaper on Amazon)
Practice materials from ACT Prep class

Freshman and Sophomores

Attention Freshman and Sophomores! We are fewer than 3 weeks away from the PreACT here at FCS. This test (administered in the gym on March 24) is a practice test for the ACT and will give you an idea of how ready you are for success on the ACT. Do your best. Answer every question to the best of your ability. Do not stress over this test. Adding stress will usually decrease your score–not raise it. Bring a calculator with you (recommended TI-30, TI-83, or TI-84). This test cannot be made up, so please do not schedule appointments until the afternoon.

Results for these tests typically are available within 8 weeks of the test date.