Spirit Days

This year we are doing something new for Spirit Week. We’re spreading out the fun and having Spirit Days on every Wednesday of January. We enjoyed our first Spirit Day on January 6 when students and faculty dressed as “wacky” as they could! See highlights on our Facebook page here. The remaining Spirit Days are below:

1/13 – “Wear your color” – Each class will be assigned a color. The class with the most creativity/color participation will win.

1/20 – “We are family” – Get a group of at least 3 and wear something in the same theme. We’re looking for the largest group and most creative/interesting ideas.

1/27 – “Who are you?” – Princesses, explorers, superheroes, ninjas, etc. We’ll be looking for originality!

Keep checking back on Facebook throughout the month for pictures of students and faculty in their Spirit Day outfits!