Citizenship Award

Each year our faculty evaluates students based on five categories to determine who will receive the citizenship award. Students receiving the award this year are listed below. Citizenship details are outlined at the bottom of this page.

1st-5th Grade

Allen, Liam
Antoine, Bennett
Antony, Zara
Ayers, Noah
Azuka, Chiamaka
Bagwell, Molly
Baldwin, Reed
Blume, Holly
Burgess, Anna
Carter, Ava
Carter, Ian
Clark, Mykaela
Cobb, Henry
Cruz, Kendall
Frazier, Marko
Frazier, Michael
Gay, Jerome
Gilroy, Andrew
Gilroy, Hunter
Goodson, Kate
Goodson, Samantha
Griffin, Declan
Guzman Fernandez, Victoria
Hamann, Charlotte
Hayes, Dorothy
Henson, Henry
Holland, Gabriel
Huffman, Elliot
Hyden, Addyson
Jackson, Jayvier
Johnson, Naomi
Johnson, Timothy
Jordan, Rhys
Manshack, Lauren
Manyatis, Van
Martinez, Alessandra
McClain, Sara
Metters, Eliana
Miller, Jarden
Milton, Atalisa
Milton, Bria
Morefield, Anna
Morefield, Charlotte
Morefield, William
Murry, Henry
Peacock, Alanna
Peed, Merritt
Perry, Jasmine
Pezzulo, Kiara
Powell, Austin
Rene, Molin
Rodriguez, Catalina
Rogers, Samantha
Ross, Jenna
Ross, Lauren
Simcox, Scottie
Spruill, Caitlyn
Tahtinen, Amelia
Thompson, Lily
Tran, Lucas
Uzoho, Praise
van Die, Henry
van Die, Irene
Vines, Isaiah
Vradenburgh, Cadence
Vradenburgh, Chipper
Vradenburgh, Jacob
Vradenburgh, Levi
Vradenburgh, Nolan
Whitehurst, Josiah
Whitehurst, Noah

6th-8th Grade

Amadi, Eugene
Amadi, Timothy
Antoine, Jackson
Anwar, Yaneem
Bagwell, Lyla
Berankova, Sarah
Bollinger, Broderick
Brigham, Matthew
Brinson, Phillip Lincoln
Brookshire, James
Brophy, Josephine
Brown, Aryanna
Bunch, Steven
Bunn, Davis
Carter, Corbin
Cates, Mary-Douglas
Chamoff, Jackson
Clark, Ian
Dasema, Tamar
Dedic, Judah
Diquez, Gabriel
Groo, Leila
Groo, Travis
Harrison, Ariel
Harrison, Mackenzie
Hartman, JordynJoy
Hayes, Wilson
Hemric, Joshua
Henson, Dylan
Hyden, Abygail
Ishak, Halla
Jones, Archie
Kalong, Angelique
Keller, Patrick
Kinder, Ryan
King, Sydney
Lisk, Madelyn
Loy, Baylie
Loy, Hudson
McClain, Andrew
Metters, Jahida
Morrow, Isaac
Parker, Eliana
Parker, Jack
Peed, Hunter
Perry, Claire
Quigley, Elianna
Rogers, Brooke
Rogers, Kalen
Rogers, Thomas
Rombach, Seth
Rose, Christopher
Savage, Kamden
Schechtman, Olivia
Simpson, Lauren
Thompson, Hannah
van Die, Johannes
Welch, Omar
White, Adalaide
Whitehurst, Ava
Woodard, Joshua

9th-12th Grade

Adams, Bradley
Adams, Simon
Amadi, Daniel
Ayers, Samuel
Barber, John
Barrier, Lauren
Barrows, Olivia
Beaumont, Skylar
Bollinger, Anna
Brigham, Michael
Brinson, Carlos Jackson
Chamoff, Mae
Coan, Ashley
Coan, Theodore
DeAngelo, Anna
DeLisle-Preas, Lillyana
Dely, Samuel
Diaz, Daniel
Donnelly, Logan
Greear, Sarah
Hall, Kaitlyn
Hamp, Joshua
Hancock, Genevieve
Harrison, Micai
Hemric, Hope
Hemric, Josiah
Hill, Catherine
Homan, Jennifer
Howze, Jeffrey
Howze, Joshua
Hughes, Hayden
Hunsucker, Ava
Ishak, Shahd
Jackson, Jane
Janvier, Hugh
Johnson, Faithe
Kannan, Jack
Keel, Lillia
Kennon, Samuel
Kholobayev, Marcus
King, Mackenzie
Krasnick, Malia
Loy, Camden
Loy, Rylie
Martin, Amy
McBride, Andrea
McClain, Jeremiah
McLaughlin, Ty
Mercer, Elijah
Mercer, Isaiah
Montgomery, Joshua
Morgan, Alexia
Morrow, Daniel
Murry, Ella
Murry, Gretchen
Nelson, Abigail
Nelson, Conner
Norris, Carlie
Patterson, Grant
Patterson, Jack
Pedder, Madeline
Peery, Ina
Powell, Madison
Puthenveetil, Makena
Pysmenna, Yana
Pysmennyy, Dmytro
Quigley, Ethan
Ragsdale, Victoria
Reed, Michael
Rudolph, Bert
Saba, Gianna
Savage, Wynston
Schechtman, Emma
Soemer, Micah
Tahtinen, Esa
Tasman, Matthew
Taylor, Mason
Thompson, Seth
Tropnas, Jillian-Patrice
Turner, Micah
Umesi, Adam
Umesi, Anna
Wall, Ethan
Warren, Landon
Weiss, Alan
White, Lily
Willis, Elaina
Willis, Liam
Willis, Victoria
Wilson, Mackenzie
Wright, Walker
Zelem, Noah
Zhang, Xiyuan (Rebecca)



It is our desire at Friendship to see students improve in their Christian conduct as well as in their academic areas. Therefore, we have a citizenship code that each teacher evaluates his students on. The categories are:

  • Attentiveness—The quality of being observant of one’s surroundings and having the ability of directing the mind to an object or thought.  This quality shall be indicated by the student’s awareness of the events in the classroom and his ability to concentrate on a particular subject for a period of time.
  • Attitude – The quality of responding and reacting to contrary events and circumstances with a right attitude.  This quality shall be indicated both by verbal response as well as body language.
  • Obedience – The quality of being willing to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of the teacher.  This quality shall be exhibited by the student’s cheerful compliance to school policies and a submissive attitude to the authority of the classroom teacher.
  • Effort – An evaluation of the amount of work a student puts into the class work and his home studies.  This quality shall be indicated by on time and correct completion of seatwork, classwork, homework, and projects in relation to a student’s age and academic abilities.
  • Responsibility – The quality of being willing to be held answerable or accountable for one’s actions.  Also, the quality of being able to be trusted to fulfill a given task without undue supervision.  This quality shall be indicated by a student’s understanding of his liability in a given situation and by his ability to perform assigned tasks under his own supervision.
  • The citizenship grade will be based on all five characteristics as a whole. Teachers will individually assign a citizenship grade for each quarter which will be reported on the student’s report card.  Students may earn a “Citizenship Certificate” at the end of the year if:

○     They have received only 5s and 4s for each quarter, or

○     They received a 3 or 2 in the first semester and showed marked improvement before the end of the year – these students will be evaluated individually by the Citizenship Committee / Student Life Director.

○     A student may not receive a Citizenship Award if they have received multiple demerits/discipline notices outside of class such as consistently being late to school or receiving detentions/suspensions for non-class related issues.  These students will be evaluated individually by the Citizenship Committee / Student Life Director.

  • These grades shall be based on the following scale:

○     5 — Consistently demonstrates all 5 characteristics         

○     4 — Consistently demonstrates 4 characteristics             

○     3 — Consistently demonstrates 3 characteristics

○     2 — Consistently demonstrates 2 characteristics

○     1 — Consistently demonstrates 1 characteristics