2021 Award Winning Yearbook

Once A Falcon, Always A Falcon

These are the words and theme of the 2020-2021 FCS Talon, the school’s yearbook. Fast forward to last Friday, September 3, 2021. Our yearbook staff kicked off the new school year with their annual workday with our wonderful yearbook representative. The yearbook staff enjoyed a day full of design tips, workshops, games, food, and laughs. 

Our students, Mrs. Howze, and our yearbook rep spent all day learning new systems, working out ideas, and finalizing this new year’s theme. However, this year came with a little surprise to start the day off. Our 2020-2021 yearbook was chosen to be inducted into the Walsworth Gallery of Excellence. Here is an exert from the award letter. 

“These yearbooks are the shining stars of scholastic journalism, inspiring thousands with their quality display of theme, coverage, design, photography and copy. A select group of the highest caliber yearbooks we print are inducted into our Gallery of Excellence each year, and we congratulate you and your yearbook staff for achieving this distinction…

We showcase Gallery of Excellence yearbooks to students and advisers all over the country. Our yearbook reps love sharing these books at workshops and when visiting schools to provide staff with inspiration and to offer tangible examples of journalistic excellence. They are prominently featured at regional, state and national conventions in our booth for visitors to browse, and we also display covers, spreads, photos and coverage ideas from these books on our website and in our educational materials, Possibilities idea book, Yearbook Suite curriculum and Idea File magazine.”

Our Editors for the 2021 Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Yearbook were Rylie Loy (2021 Graduate) and Ella Murry.

We want to offer a huge congratulations to our 2021 yearbook staff!