A Thanksgiving Note

Giving is a key part of the word thanksgiving.  

We can’t give anything that we don’t already possess.  Unthankful people don’t have any thanks to give.  A sense of entitlement, hearts filled with anger or bitterness, a desire to be our own god; all will keep us from having any thanks to give.  


We must also have a willingness to give it.  Our pastor recently reminded us that a thankful heart is a humble heart.  Humility is recognizing that we aren’t God; that in and of ourselves we cannot find satisfaction or even meet our own basic needs.  Apart from God, we can do nothing ~ John 15:5.  When we choose to give thanks, we are recognizing the role that someone else plays in our existence, happiness, and satisfaction.  

Over the next week and each day after, we need to focus on filling our hearts with thanks and giving it out freely.  This is the key to being like Christ who often gave thanks to His Father.

Thank you each for being a part of Friendship.  Have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

With Gratitude,
Mr. McClain