First Annual Spelling Bee

That moment when you spell a word so wrong even auto-correct is like, “I’ve got nothing man!”  

This was not the case during the recent FCS Elementary Spelling Bee. Our elementary Falcons were each given “age-appropriate” spelling words to work on as a class and individuals. Over the following weeks, various mini-bees took place across our elementary campus. In the end, each grade sent their top two and one alternates to compete in the final Spelling Bee. A total of twelve students ranging from Kindergarten to Fifth grade stood on the stage in front of the entire elementary student body as they competed in the annual FCS Spelling Bee. With their classmates cheering them on, each of the competing students went several rounds before any of them were eliminated. In the end, Reed, a fourth-grader won the Spelling Bee. The second-place prize went to, Landon, a Kindergartener. The third place went to Eli, a first-grader.  

“Next year that is going to be me up on the stage!”

We are proud of each of our elementary students as they all competed on some level in this year’s FCS Spelling Bee competition. As the students were lining up to leave, several students  were overheard saying, “Next year that is going to be me up on the stage!” This is another example of how we are developing lifelong learners and creating a love for learning. These are exciting times to be an FCS Falcon!