NCCSA Fine Arts Competition Results

2023 Fine Arts Competitions

Our middle and high school students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of electives each school year. Some of our students choose to participate in choir, band, and art or a combination for their fine art electives. As a part of these electives, our teachers help prepare them for the NCCSA Fine Arts competition. This year our students competed in a variety of categories: band, choir, art, preaching, academic testing, piano, instrumental and vocal solos. Throughout the school year, students have been preparing for the 3-day competition hosted at Raleigh Christian Academy in Raleigh, NC on March 15-17, 2023. 

JR High Flute Solo

Our students that participated in the art categories had their artwork dropped off early on Monday for the judging to take place before Wednesday. The art was displayed throughout the week so students from other schools could walk through the displays of art. On Wednesday, our high school solo competitors left school to participate. We had a handful of students participate in solo or small group competitions. With several students placing first in their respective categories, they will be heading to the national competition in April at Bob Jones University.

HS Large Vocal Ensemble

On Thursday, our middle school students left for the competition. This group consisted of almost the entire 6th-grade class and the majority of the 7th and 8th classes. The middle school band and choir performed as well as several solo entries. We are so blessed to have talented students using their talents for the Lord and competing. For some of our solo competitors, this was their first time competing in a solo category. On Friday, our high school band and choir headed to RCA for the last day of competition. After several days of competing, the students ended on a great note and were able to hear their results. 


NCCSA Fine Arts Results

Sam, Daniel, and Noah holding the first place plaquesFirst Place in Sr. High Categories and Qualified for Nationals 
  • Jeremiah McClain (12th grade) – Evangelistic Preaching
  • Esa Tahtinen (12th grade) – Expository Preaching
  • High School Band (2 years in a row) – Superior Rating 
  • High School Large Instrumental Ensemble (2 years in a row) – Superior Rating
  • High School Large Vocal Ensemble – Superior Rating
  • Timothy Amadi (9th grade) – Percussion Solo – Superior Rating
  • Samuel Ayers (12th grade) – Male Vocal Solo (2 years in a row) – Superior Rating
  • Gretchen Murry (10th grade) – Perfect Score! – Superior Rating
First Place in Jr. High Categories 
  • Jacob Vradenburgh (7th grade) – JH Sacred Piano – Superior Rating
  • Lorelei Hosford (8th grade) – Polychromatic – Superior Rating
  • JH Choir – Superior Rating
Second Place – Both MS & HS
  • MS Band – Superior Rating
  • MS Large Instrumental Ensemble – Superior Rating
  • MS Small Instrumental Ensemble – Superior Rating
  • JH Choral Group – Superior Rating
  • Sarah Berankova (8th grade) – Polychromatic & Monochromatic – Superior Rating
  • HS Choral Group – Superior Rating
  • Rebecca Zhang (12th grade) – Superior Rating
Third Place
  • Jacob Vradenburgh (7th grade) – Brass Solo – Superior Rating
  • Archie Jones (8th grade) – Male Vocal Solo – Superior Rating
  • MacKenzie Harrison (8th grade) – Female Vocal Solo – Superior Rating
  • HS Small Instrumental Ensemble – Superior Rating
  • Eugene Amadi (10th grade) – Male Vocal Solo – Superior Rating
  • HS Small Vocal Ensemble – Superior Rating
  • Sarah Rockwell (10th grade) – Calligraphy
  • Rebecca Zhang (12th grade) – Polychromatic – Superior Rating
  • Andie McBride (10th grade) – Acrylic Painting – Superior Rating
Didn’t place but deserves mentioning
  • Ian Clark (9th grade) – Superior Rating
  • Makenna Puthenveetil (12th grade) – Superior Rating
  • Yohan Moliso (9th grade)- Superior Rating


Interested in seeing the artwork and hearing the instrumental pieces performed at Fine Arts? Join us on April 24, 2023, for our 2nd Annual Art Walk: A Fine Arts Evening. More information to follow.