Specialized Learning Center

Renee Hemric

Director, Specialized Learning Center

Years Served: 7 at FCS
Degrees: BA Elementary Education and Bible; M Ed in Special Education

Cheryl Boehme

Specialized Learning Center, Aftercare Director, Summer Camp Director

Years Served: 18 at FCS, 29 total
BS Elementary Ed/ English

Carrie Spruill

Specialized Learning Center

Years Served: 15 at FCS
Degrees: BS in Special Education; minor – Elementary Education

Breanna Adkins

Specialized Learning Center

Years Served: 5 at FCS
Degree: BS Elementary Education; M Ed in Special Education

Margaret Scott

Specialized Learning Center

Years Served: 4 at FCS
Degree: BS Elementary Education; minor – Learning Disabilities

Grace Meng

International Student Program Director, Specialized Learning Center, Aftercare

Years Served: 3 at FCS
Degree: BA English Language and Literature, MS Recreation Resources Administration