Middle / High School

Richard Ayers

Math, Science

Years Served: 8 at FCS, 19 total
Degrees: MAT Mathematics; B.S. Mathematics – Minor in Physical Science

Brent Brondyke

Middle School and High School Choir

Years Served: 10 at FCS, 28 total 
M.A. Bible

Evan Brondyke

Athletic Director, Science

Years Served: 10 at FCS, 10 total
Degrees: M. Organizational Leadership; B.S. Health, Fitness, and Recreation

Rebekah Boehme

Student Leadership Director, English, Science, 

Years Served: 7 at FCS, 7 total 
Degrees: M.A. Teaching; B.S. Human Development and Family Studies 

Jonathan Clark


Years Served: 14 at FCS, 16 total
Degree: B.A. Humanities

Ashley Huskey

Communications, Art

Years Served: 3 at FCS, 3 total
Degree: M.A. Sports Administration & Coaching; B.S. Graphic and Web Design

Breanna Paulraj

Yearbook, Events Assistance

Years Served: 9 at FCS, 9 total
Degrees: M.Ed. Special Education; B.S. Elementary Education 

John Soemer

PE, Health, Middle School Sports and Health Science, Cross Country Coach

Years Served: 16 at FCS, 26 total
Degrees: M.S. Sports and Health Science; B.S. Elementary Education/Physical Education, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.)

Jesse Sellars

High School History, Middle School Bible, JV Boys’ Basketball

Years Served: 7 at FCS, 7 total 
Degree: B.A. Bible – Minor History

Haven Stump

Sixth Grade Teacher

Years Served: 1 at FCS, 1 total 
Degree: B.S. in Elementary Education

Corey Tahtinen

Middle School and High School Math

Years Served: 5 at FCS, 21 total
Degrees: M.Ed. Teaching; B.S. Secondary Mathematics – Minor in Bible

Barbara Walston

Fine Arts Director, Band Director, Middle School and High School History

Years Served: 22 at FCS, 34 total
Degrees: M.Mus. Education; M.A. Biblical Studies; B.Mus. Education

Kris Wilder


Years Served: 7 at FCS
Degrees: M. Theological Studies; B.S. Sports Management