First Grade

The goal of this class is for children to know the Lord and grow in their walk with Him. First graders are presented an exciting journey through Creation, the Birth of Christ, Easter, and the presentation of the Gospel. They are introduced to Bible characters such as Adam, Eve, Noah, Joseph, and many more. Supplemental material provides music for each of the units. Activity pages correlate to the Bible lessons. The glossary contains definitions of Bible terms to support comprehension. The Bible characters and the Bible itself come to life. Students begin to understand that the Bible is God’s guide for their daily lives.

MATHArithmetic One (Bob Jones Press)
Students in first grade mathematics are taught that God is a God of order and that math is important in their daily lives. They are instructed through speed drills, mental math, board work, oral math, written tests, and hands-on manipulatives, such as the unifix cubes, linking chains, counters, place value mats, scales, clocks, money manipulatives, and calculators. Students learn to read graphs, to calculate two digit sums with carrying, expanded notation, place value, to navigate word problems, and to use calculators. They learn to understand time, money, units of measurement, months, money, and much more.


  • ReadingReading One (Bob Jones Press); Phonics and Reading (A Beka)
    Reading instruction in first grade is designed to develop students who comprehend what they read and who enjoy doing so. During the year readers grow from decoders to comprehending young people. They learn the life skill of silent reading for understanding and pleasure while oral reading is taught for communication. Students are presented with materials that assist them in their growth in Christ. The combination of two curricula is designed to bring the students a comprehensive and individualized reading program designed to meet the needs of all students. The A Beka curriculum to supports continued growth in phonics, and the Bob Jones text encourages reading comprehension. The goal is to encourage a lifelong love of reading in a supportive Christian environment.
  • Phonics and EnglishPhonics and English 1 (Bob Jones Book)
    First grade language is a whole language (word families) course that works with word families and sight words to support learning. Phonics characters are also introduced to help the students enjoy and grow in their language skills. Students are challenged to learn the writing process. They begin writing with instruction in word families which leads to sentence writing and the development of full-length paragraphs and stories. Language is also supplemented in the classroom with a creative writing journal. The understanding of language gives students the skills to share the gospel and defend their faith.
  • Spelling and VocabularySpelling 1 (Bob Jones Book)
    Spelling and vocabulary establish a foundation for students in reading, writing, and speaking. They are instructed in both written and oral settings to build their vocabulary based on what they already know. Teaching includes the spelling and meaning of the word and shows the student how to use the word in the context of a sentence. Also, students are introduced to the idea of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and homophones. Application exercises allow students to use the vocabulary in a natural setting, and their language exercises often reflect the same words and rules to tie the two areas of learning together. Through teaching, the text, and practice, students are enabled to grow in the use and knowledge of words. This knowledge promotes a better understanding of God’s Word.
  • Penmanship:
    Students learn proper writing techniques in a pre-cursive style of writing.  Instruction provides students with ample opportunities to practice the skill as well as to create their own.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Heritage Studies 1 (Bob Jones Press)
From the start, students are encouraged to see God’s work throughout the world. Students take a journey traveling first through America (symbols, landmarks, and historical information). The material is brought to life for the students through the use of videos, projects, festival celebrations, and biographies.

SCIENCEScience One (Bob Jones Press)
Students learn science by considering all that God has created. Concepts in science include studies of health and manners, physical science, earth science, life science, the study of the human body, and much more. Students interact with science through hands-on experiments and models. They make models of the human body and planets, study animal life cycles, and plant a terrarium.