Fourth Grade

BIBLEBible Truths 4 (BJU Press)
Bible class is the most important class of the day. Fourth graders explore their Bibles while studying the Gospels, Acts and the Epistles. Along with the daily Bible study, students follow a Scripture memory program that enables them to apply Christian character traits to their daily lives. Scripture memory also allows students to study the history of God’s dealings with mankind, understand the thinking of God, analyze the lives of Bible characters for examples of God’s dealings with individuals, and study a variety of Biblical topics. Each day fourth graders complete a Bible study and locate verses that are relevant to the unit’s topic. By doing this, the students learn to cultivate a daily routine of personal Bible study.

MATHMath 4 (BJU Press)
Fourth graders continue to learn the fundamentals of traditional arithmetic along with the use of concrete manipulatives and the development of problem solving skills. After a thorough review of place value, addition, and subtraction, students explore the concepts of fractions, continuing toward the goal of mastery. At the end of the fourth grade, students are introduced to Geometry and Pre-Algebra. Students will also learn valuable, Biblical truths during the math study such as teamwork, cooperation, initiative, courage, and sharing. Daily worksheets or activities enforce the concept taught in class that day.


  • English: English 4 for Christian Schools: Writing and Grammar (BJU Press)
    Fourth grade students receive daily guided and independent practice in grammar. They review the grammar they have previously learned. The Writing Handbook, located in the back of their work text, contains a thesaurus, writing models, and a list of frequently misspelled words to which the student may refer while writing. The Grammar Handbook contains common abbreviations, contractions, prefixes, suffixes, prepositions, homophones, and diagramming models. Tests and writing exercises are a vital part of the instruction.
  • Reading: I Met You in a Story (BJU Press)
    Not only does the fourth grader learn the fundamentals of reading well, but he is also encouraged in the growth of his Christian character. A variety of selections such as family stories, adventure stories, Christian realism, historical fiction, biographies, informational articles, folktales, poems, and plays offer instruction, providing the student with both excitement and understanding. The students read daily, considering comprehension questions as they read the passages silently. Oral test grades and comprehension quiz grades are taken weekly. Each passage has corresponding classroom practice reinforce comprehension skills.
  • Spelling and Vocabulary: Spelling 4 (BJU Press)
    Wordly Wise 3000® provides direct academic vocabulary instruction that develops the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.  Direct instruction of important, useful, or difficult words for each grade level helps students successfully comprehend content-area texts and improve test results.

HISTORY: Heritage Studies 4 (BJU Press)
Students learn United States history throughout the year. This includes an overview of our country’s history, from the early explorations of the New World to the present, as well as many geography and map skills. Key documents in our country’s history are studied, and facts about the states/capitals and presidents are memorized. A teacher-created six-week study of North Carolina history is also scheduled in the spring during which students compile a North Carolina State Notebook. Regularly scheduled tests and quizzes enhance study.

SCIENCE: Science 4 (BJU Press)
Fourth graders study insects, plants, birds, matter, energy, geology, oceanography, and astronomy. The students creatively compile individual insect projects and present them orally to the class. Tests and quizzes are regularly scheduled throughout the year. An activity book enhances the learning and comprehension of the concepts taught during class time. The students study science for 27 weeks. Health replaces science during the last nine weeks of school.

HEALTHDeveloping Good Health (A Beka Book)
A unit of Health is taught for the last nine weeks of fourth grade. The students learn about their bones, muscles, respiratory system, teeth, and skin. The study also includes teaching the importance of maintaining good health. An interactive workbook aids in revealing good health habits to fourth graders and encouraging them to take care of the wonderful body with which God has blessed them.