BIBLE: Bible Truths (BJU Press)

The Bob Jones curriculum is designed to introduce the student to the heart characteristics of their loving Creator. In order for a child to become aware of their need of a Savior, they must first learn who their Creator is and what He expects from the life that has been given to them. We discuss Biblical characters that struggled, succeeded, and grew in their faith of God. Character traits are introduced to the class. These traits are discussed for their meaning and then encouraged to grow in the hearts of the students. The Kindergarten student is taught whole Bible memory passages one verse at a time. This type of memorization enriches the students understanding of the thoughts of their Creator.

MATH: Math K5 (BJU Press)
Students learn to recognize numbers 1-100 and count these numbers using various number patterns. Students are able to manipulate objects and add numbers through the sum of 10. These basic math skills transition to more challenging ones including subtraction, object/number association, tally mark/number association, fraction recognition, telling time, counting money, and interpreting graphs.


  • Phonics: Beginnings (BJU Press)
    The Kindergarten phonics class uses a thematic approach to phonetic awareness and understanding. Word families are introduced along with decoding methods. Each unit contains science and social study activities that relate with the unit theme. Students are able to learn rhyming words, and apply the familiar word families and sight words into their everyday speech and thought. Science experiments bring to life the main focus of the unit studies. Observation skills are developed through social study activities. The students are enriched by the amount of word exposure received by this method of phonetic teaching.
  • Reading: BJU Press
    The Bob Jones Curriculum reading encourages the students’ growth in comprehension as well as in interpretive and critical thinking skills. As the students learn their word families, they are able to see them in the weekly readers and phonics stories. The student will develop critical listening skills that will enhance their understanding of material that has been read to them. Teacher and student discussions enhance the students’ total awareness and comprehension of material that is presented to them. The strengthening of these skills will encourage the student to read for enjoyment, as well as, benefit their future independent study time.
  • PenmanshipWrite Now! (BJUPress)
    Students work on writing technique using the pre-cursive writing style. This type of writing will help the students with alphabet awareness and encourages the growth of the motor skills. Students are introduced to whole words and then sentences. Kindergarteners will learn the punctuation marks and be able to use them in writing simple complete sentences.

Kindergarten students have officially entered elementary school and are able to participate in the full spectrum of elementary enrichment classes including Computer, PE, Music, and Spanish.  The introduction to these special subjects will enhance their physical, social and mental growth. The daily exposure to these new thinking environments will benefit the student in whole life experience.