Second Grade

BIBLE: Bible Truths 2 (BJU Press)
Students study the life of Moses through the book of Exodus. The promises of God will be evident as the Israelites and their leader see both victory and tribulation as they learn to trust God. Students learn verses such as Ephesians 6:11-20 that help build their knowledge of the Bible.

MATH: Math 2 (BJU Press)
In second grade mathematics students are taught to see that the addition and multiplication tables are part of the truth and order that God has built into reality. Students will develop an understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using manipulatives. They are also introduced to two-step word problems and probability. Students will follow Matt the carpenter and Paddy the beaver as they travel around the world helping people build houses and learn mathematical concepts.


  • ReadingIf Skies Be Blue; When the Sun Rides High (BJU Press)
    Second grade students are exposed to a variety of reading selections in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The stories are taught to encourage individual thinking in making predictions, interpreting attitudes and motives of characters, and recalling story elements. Students apply phonics rules to sound out unfamiliar words. Reading and discussion are conducted both in small groups and on a whole class level. Daily workbook pages provide extra assessment of comprehension and review of phonics rules.
  • EnglishEnglish 2 for Christian Schools (BJU Press)
    Second grade students learn sentence structure, parts of speech, and their use in a variety of writing assignments. They complete projects from friendly letters to book reports and are encouraged in proper listening skills and reference skills (using a dictionary, thesaurus, and library). The aim of this class is to produce students who have a solid foundation for speaking and writing the English language in whatever capacity God may choose.
  • Spelling and Vocabulary: Spelling 3
  • HandwritingHandwriting 2 (BJU Press)
    Students begin the year learning the pre-cursive handwriting that is a stepping stone from print to cursive. After the students have practiced and mastered the pre-cursive handwriting, they learn cursive handwriting. Cursive writing is taught utilizing daily practice worksheets, individual whiteboard activities, and class participation exercises. Students are encouraged to see the beauty and art of the written word and how we can enjoy the written Word of God.

HISTORY: Heritage Studies 2 (BJU Press)
Students are introduced to the true historical account of our wonderful country’s beginning. They are encouraged to identify special facts or vocabulary words in their textbooks. Worksheets help ensure students’ comprehension of topics discussed. Most importantly, students are shown how the development of Our America was only possible because of God’s direct blessing upon this great land.

SCIENCE: Science 2 (BJU Press)
Students are introduced to God’s world and the unique reasoning behind each created being. Children learn to understand of their world through hands on study with insects and animal life. Students participate in whole class reading time. They are taught to identify vocabulary words and special facts. Field trips are also used to reinforce classroom topics.