Our One True Guide

Our One True Guide

Published 2/9/2024 1647. . . As the seed that would grow to become the towering oak of the United States of America was being planted, the people of Massachusetts passed the Old Deluder Satan Act out of a belief that education was crucial for children to learn to read so they could read the Bible […]

The Whys of Music

Published 2/6/2024 Fair warning:  this topic is touchy and as our pastor often says is “ground where angels fear to tread.”  You might just want to skip to the bottom information on this one.   Sunday night was the 66th Annual Grammy Awards featuring and celebrating some of the most vile, anti-God (the one, true, Biblical […]

“Big Truss”

Published 1/27/24 A few years ago, I saw a clip of an after-game press conference with the Baltimore Ravens.   Running back, Mark Ingram, stated “Big Truss” a few times in reference to the team’s full trust in their quarterback, Lamar Jackson.   Many were questioning his ability to get them a championship and using […]

Politics & Our Godly Responses

Published 1/22/24 As a ministry we stand firmly on the primacy of the authority of Scripture in all things. Nothing supersedes the Word of God. Last Thursday, as one of the most powerful political figures in the world came rolling down Falls to visit with a family across the street from the school, I was thinking […]

The Meaning of Home

Published 1/15/24 Home is a powerful word. Over 1,000 movie titles have the word “Home” in them and home is a central, emotional motif of much literature and art in general. On Friday, we had our “Homecoming” event to welcome our alumni back and celebrate the students who will become our next group of alumni […]

What is Good? 1/5/24

Recently, my 13-year-old daughter hit me with a deep question. “Dad.  If God created everything, that means He created Satan, right?  After He created everything, the Bible says He said it is good.  If God created Satan and Satan brought sin and evil, how could God say it was good?” I asked her to consider […]

New Year: Old Resolution 1/1/24

The ball (or in our case here in Raleigh—an acorn) has dropped. Confetti litters the ground. Kisses have been exchanged. The kids are finally in bed. Now what? The mountain of a new year looms.  For some, the anticipation of it is thrilling and palpable. For others, dread and heaviness grip the heart. Memories of […]

The Greatest Gift 12/15/23

Let’s cut through the tinsel and ask ourselves, “What is the Greatest Gift we can give this year?” Forget the mall.  Forget Amazon.  Forget Macy’s.  Forget the gift cards.   What is it that we can give to those who matter in our lives that will mean the most, last the longest, and truly touch […]

The Message of Christmas 12/8/23

“The Message of Christmas” will be the theme of the next 17 days.  Let me posit this as the central theme for Christmas this year. . . Lower ourselves to lift others up. This principle can be and has been applied in many different contexts, but in the Christmas story, we find its foundation. Philippians […]

Winning or Losing? 12/3/23

Dec. 2, 2023   For you “non-sports fans,” last Saturday was THE Game in college football. In the final game of the regular season in the Big 10 Conference – Michigan always plays THE Ohio State.   The rivalry began in 1897 – a mere 32 years after the Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination.  It’s a […]