Friendship Cares

Friendship Cares – these words have always been a part of who we are as a school.  We care about our students.  We care about our families.  We care about our staff.

Friendship Cares has now taken on a new meaning for us as it has come to represent our desire to help staff members who are dealing with a difficult family situation or major health issue.

Mr. Nelson purchased 300 pink Friendship Cares t-shirts for staff, students and families to purchase with the proceeds going to help with meals, gas, or other needs that may arise when a staff member is going through a difficult family or health situation.  We are pleased to announce that we were able to sell all 300 shirts.  What a blessing it was to have a sea of pink at our final home ball games and at our annual Walk Event!

Friendship Cares!  Wearing our t-shirts serves as a reminder for us to pray for those we know who battling difficulties in their lives as well as a reminder to those for whom we are praying that there is a school family who loves them and cares for them.

We pray that this is a blessing to the ones who are a huge blessing to us as they teach our children.