Student Opportunities

Chapel: Students are encouraged to be involved through special music and other activities.

Student Prayer Meetings: Students meet together for prayer prior to the opening of each school day. These prayer meetings are led by students.

Athletics: We have a full range of sports for boys and girls. We have boys’ soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, and cross country. We have girls’ volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer, golf, and cross country.

Fine Arts: We have many opportunities for boys and girls. We have choir, band, speech, newspaper, yearbook, art, and drama productions.

Field trips: Each year we encourage our teachers to take the students on a variety of educational field trips. Advance notification is sent out.

Student council: The student council is made up of all class representatives. The President and Vice-President of the student council are the Senior Class representatives. The student council meets together to help with planning certain school activities and running student chapels.