The people of Friendship Baptist Church have always been deeply concerned about the spiritual, mental and physical welfare of children and young people. In the spring of 1970, Rev. A. G. Price and the deacons of Friendship met to discuss the possibility of starting a Christian school. After much prayer, study and consideration, on June 10th of the same year, the first official school board was appointed. The board consisted of Rev. A. G. Price, chairman, Mr. Garland Price, Mr. Paul Askew, Mr. William Bunn and Mr. Jesse Knox.

Friendship Christian School officially opened its doors in September of 1970 with one 5 year old kindergarten class. Pastor Eddie Peterson was the first administrator, and Mrs. Linda Peterson was the first teacher. The first graduating class consisted of ten precious boys and girls.

Under the leadership Pastor R. Gene Payne, Friendship Christian School continued in September of 1971 with a four year old kindergarten, a five year old kindergarten class and a first grade class. Mrs. Greg Peters was the first grade teacher. Mrs. Corine Williams was the four year old kindergarten teacher, and Mrs. Reeden was the five year old kindergarten teacher.

In 1972, Mr. Ron White was called as youth pastor of Friendship Baptist Church and administrator of Friendship Christian School. At this time, a three year old kindergarten was added as were grades 2-5.

During 1973, the B building was constructed. The old auditorium (present day chapel) had already been constructed in 1967. The foundation, pattern of growth, development, and direction were firmly established. In the fall of 1973, the sixth grade was added with an additional grade added yearly. The first graduating class was in 1980.

In addition to the facilities that had already been constructed, the C building was built in 1975, and the gym was built in 1979. In 1988, we were able to enlarge the cafeteria and upgrade the gymnasium with the addition of the locker rooms. The most recent expansion was the construction of the sanctuary (new auditorium) in 2004.

Founding Individual

Reverend A. G. Price


Pastor Eddie Peterson – Fall of 1970 to Spring of 1972
Mr. Ron White – Fall of 1972 to Spring of 1974
Mr. Charles Stanley – Fall of 1974 to Spring of 1985
Mr. Phil Kissinger – Fall of 1985 to Spring of 1987
Pastor Eddie Peterson – Fall of 1987 to Spring of 1993
Dr. Sonny Sherrill – Fall of 1993 to Spring of 1996
Mr. Ken Bartholomew – Fall of 1996 to Spring of 2002
Mr. Dan Perryman – Fall of 2002 to Spring of 2007
Dr. Ric Nelson – Fall of 2007 to Spring of 2021
Mr. David McClain – Summer of 2021 to Current

Facilities Added

1967 Present Chapel and auxiliary hallway built
1973 B building was built.
1975 C building was built.
1979 Gymnasium built
1988 Cafeteria enlarged. Locker rooms added.
2004 A building was built

Development of Educational Programs

1970 Kindergarten
1971 K4 and 1st grade
1972 K3 and 2nd – 5th grade added
1973 6th grade added
1974 7th grade
1975 8th grade
1976 9th grade
1977 10th grade
1978 11th grade
1979 12th grade – 1st graduating class in May of 1980
2008  Specialized Learning Program
2011 Accreditation with NCCSA and Middle States
2011 International Student Program added
2012  Focus Learning Center – Occupational Track
2014  Dual Credit classes added