Why FCS?

Why do families choose FCS?

Why do families in Raleigh, Smithfield, Wake Forest, Cary, Morrisville, Durham, and other areas that represent over 90 churches choose to send their child(ren) to FCS?

As we researched various Christian schools in the area, there were two aspects of FCS’s academic philosophy and approach that were clearly unparalleled: – FCS challenges students to reach their highest potential, at the same time training them to become healthy individuals with proper work/life balance by promoting that important value within the educational experience. – FCS empowers parents as the ones who ultimately know what’s best for their children. [Tanya, 2nd grade, Wake Forest]

I am impressed by how many contacts I receive through emails from the teachers about my children, their classes, and assignments. I would probably feel a little lost without this and I really appreciate how much time the teachers take to make sure the parents are informed. [Gina, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th grader, Raleigh]

We really enjoy seeing our child express what she has learned in school, whether it is by talking to us or through her actions day today. Keep up the good work and thank you. [Sarah, Kindergarten, Smithfield]

I love the sense of community and feel very safe in knowing that my daughter is well cared for by staff as well as other parents. [Sarah, 2nd grade, Raleigh]

[My son] has transitioned so well and loves his friends, teachers, and school. He feels the love and support from the FCS community and all I can say is that I wish we transitioned sooner. [The teachers] are amazing. I work at least 50 hours a week and if I have a question or concern, they respond via email or call me. I LOVE the teaching staff @ FCS. [Kelly, 7th grader, Raleigh]

True dedication of the staff to the students and to teaching the children academics, but more importantly their passion for passing along Godly values to the children. [Missy, Kindergarten and 5th grader, Raleigh]

I have two (soon to be) step-sons in public school, of whom, one is also in Kindergarten. The difference between the FCS kindergarten program vs the public school’s kindergarten program is night and day. From FCS kindergarten, I receive multiple weekly email updates from the teacher regarding the weeks work and notes regarding the student’s day. The work in FCS Kindergarten is far more advanced and comprehensive compared to the work currently being done in the public school Kindergarten. I know, and feel confident, that on any given day, for any given reason, I can send an email with whatever concern I have, and I will get a prompt response. I am very pleased and feel very connected to my children’s teachers (current and previous). [Laura, Kindergarten and 5th grader, Morrisville]

My child decided to join the Cross Country team with Coach Soemer her first year at FCS. We didn’t know if she would stick with it but it only took one practice for her to feel welcome and encouraged. The coach and team made my child feel like she can do anything! This team provided confidence in herself, friendship with others, a deep respect for a coach who pushed her into being a runner! My daughter is a stronger, smarter, wonderful child and we are incredibly thankful for FCS! [Annette, 8th grader, Raleigh]

My son attended a local Christian school (in Cary) for his kindergarten year. That school went from Kindergarten to 12th grade. After kindergarten, I realized that that was not the school for us. It seemed to me they were concern about students succeeding academically at any cost. I thought they put too much pressure on the children – even in kindergarten. I wanted to find a school for my children that focused on academics, but did not put too much pressure on the children. When I talked with Friendship and took the tour, I could tell immediately that it was a school that really cared about the whole child. I just knew that this was the school where God has lead us to. This is our second year at the school. I am pleased that our children are attending this school. I have no regrets in changing schools. [Pamela, TK4 and 2nd grade, Cary]

FCS has given my daughter the belief that through our Lord Jesus she is special and has something to offer society…she has been empowered by a very fundamental but often forgotten charge…we are all children of God and each and every one of us have something very special to offer… Thank you for loving my daughter as I love her..a child chosen to lead differently than one might expect but nevertheless truth finds it’s way…[Sandra, 11th grade, Louisburg]

We believe our child is receiving the best possible education at FCS. [Cyndy, 1st grade, Durham]

We love Friendship and I am ready to see it go to the next level. What a gem in the City of Raleigh it is! [Frances, 9th grader, Raleigh]

My son’s teacher emails us practically daily, and she frequently speaks to us during pick-up to relate my son’s day. I was nervous to see how my son would do in his first year of school. His teacher has been excellent in every way! I could not be happier with his progress and love of school! [Nicole, Kindergarten, Garner]

She has a wonderful teacher this year and is learning so much. [Amanda, 3rd grade, Morrisville]

Mrs. Boehme is a blessing in so many ways. Probably one of the best teachers we have had. My son responds to her incredibly well and she brings out the very best in him. [Lori, 3rd grade, Wake Forest]

We love the attention the teachers take with our boys and how open the communication process is between teachers and parents. I know at all times how my children are doing with their grades and what is happening and required in their classes. As a parent, having this level of insight is invaluable and allows me to help my children succeed. We also love that several of their teachers offer free tutoring after school! They really are invested in our children and want to see them excel. We love FCS! 🙂 [Mary Ann, 6th grade, Raleigh]

I can never say enough good things about our experience at FCS and how the Focus Learning Center and its teachers/staff have enriched our lives. I will gladly write or say anything I can to promote this wonderful place for kids who have no other niche to make them feel valuable in this world. [My son] has blossomed like a seed in fertile ground. Thank you, FCS. [Bettie Lou, 12th grader, Raleigh]

The teachers and faculty are always willing to listen and assist any time I have asked to speak with them. We just love Friendship. The school bears witness to its name. [Lisa, 7th grader, Raleigh]

I am so excited that my son attends FCS. I can honestly say he is a different child. I now see a happy child exiting the school each day. He loves the teachers, the atmosphere and the proof is in his smile and his grades. Thank you! Thank you! [Karen, 7th grade, Raleigh]

We’re in our 8th year at FCS & we are thankful that we can count on the school being stable and helpful to us as we seek to rear our children for Christ. [Becky, 7th and 9th grade, Morrisville]

The teachers have helped my son as he does struggle with some of his classes. He was able to get lunch tutoring which helped. In addition, the teachers are extremely open to parent/teacher conferences, if needed for behavior or grades. It feels like a team approach which has helped my son to take school more seriously. The teachers and principal have reached out to my son and even talked with me about his school and life situation. This has been iso much help to our family. There is a caring spirit from the teachers, coaches, and principal and even the school receptionists/ administrative assistants. My son is not only learning a lot in the classrooms, but he is playing a lot of sports which allows him to interact with other team members and also to feel a sense of community and ownership of the school and the school programs. This is helping his confidence and also giving him great life experiences. Also, the college trip combined with the soccer tournament was great. This was the first time my son has been away for this long, and I felt comfortable to let him go because he was with the school teachers/principal/coaches. This is great learning in a supervised environment. [Debbie, 10th grade, Raleigh]