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Mr. David McClain, Head of School at FCS, shares insights relating to Christian education, biblical worldview, building Christian character, and current events. See the archives below.

Our One True Guide

Published 2/9/2024

1647. . .
As the seed that would grow to become the towering oak of the United States of America was being planted, the people of Massachusetts passed the Old Deluder Satan Act out of a belief that education was crucial for children to learn to read so they could read the Bible and avoid being “deluded” by Satan.  Reading God’s Word was the ideal.

Somewhere in the early 20th Century. . .
Americans’ focus shifted toward the worship of economic success.  Thus education also shifted to preparing them to seek a life of success at all costs.  The American Dream becomes the ideal.

2024. . .
Having completely pushed God’s word out of most of public life, mankind itself has become the object of worship leading to chaos and confusion.  The core curriculum of education is now secular humanism.


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