Spirit Week and Homecoming at FCS!

Spirit Week is a very special time at FCS! Both students and teachers showed their school spirit throughout the week by dressing up for themed days.  On Monday our campus was filled with students and staff who didn’t quite know how to match their clothes.  Plaids and florals, stripes and checks – the less it matched, the better you looked.  Characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Cindy Lou Who, and Pac-Man as well as cowboys, pirates, and sports figures were teeming about on Tuesday.  Groups of students and individual classes showed their creativity on Multiplicity Day by dressing alike.  We had groups of crayons, nerds, spies, and even some Cat in the Hat look-alikes.  Thursday brought out several new Superheroes such as Pajama Girl, Captain Obvious, Cammo Woman, Duct Tape Man, Flashlight Man, and Snack Boy (and yes, snacks were handed out). The week concluded with students showing their Falcon Spirit!  Green hair, black and green faces, and Falcon wear were everywhere.

IMG_9307IMG_9304IMG_9195IMG_9135 IMG_9132IMG_9604

One of the best parts of Spirit Week is the daily pep rally.  The entire student body was divided into two teams and participated in group cheers and fun contests to earn points for their team.  After all the points were tallied, the Black team won and will be enjoying ice cream floats as a reward!

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All of the Spirit Week festivities led up to one of the highlights of the year, Homecoming.  Our middle school boys, varsity girls, and varsity boys played their best as the crowd cheered them on.  After the games, the gym was transformed into a garden scene, and the homecoming court was presented.  The evening ended with the crowing of our Homecoming King Michael Dunlap and, due to a tie vote, Homecoming Queens, Hannah Boehme and Heather Sellars.

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