Character – Exemplified Through Service

118 students, 10 teachers, over 600 hours – Our high school students had the opportunity on April 20 to live out our core value of Characterexemplified through service.

Why is that important to FCS?  Part of our mission is to produce “servant-leaders.” Christ was our greatest example of a servant-leader and as followers of Christ, it is important for us to teach our students to follow His example and to share His love with those in our community. What a wonderful opportunity we had to do just that. 

We are thankful for the opportunities our students had to be a blessing to our school, Wake County Parks, the Durham Rescue Mission, and the Special Olympics. Be sure to read the highlights below of what our students did at each location.


Senior Class: Wake County Elementary Special Olympics

The senior class was privileged to serve at the Wake County Elementary Special Olympics on April 20th. They were assigned the softball throw competition. The class was broken up into groups and given various jobs. Jobs consisted of boundary guards, tent managers, score keepers, recorders, distance measures, ball markers, and instructors. Each senior did their job very well and the event ran smoothly. It was encouraging to watch them interact with each participant and cheer them on. At the end of the event, they cleaned up the softball throw and then ended up cleaning up the food area. The lady from the food area mistook our seniors for Ravenscroft students and gave them extra work. Our group willingly did what she asked even though they were supposed to be leaving. When she found out who they were, she praised them for their work. The senior class left a sweet testimony to both the Special Olympics and Ravenscroft crew. ~ John Soemer


Junior Class: Durham Rescue Mission – Thrift Store

The junior class had the opportunity to provide assistance to the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Store where they cleaned outside furniture, cleaned out extra hangers, sorted clothing sizes, and completed yard work around the store.  The students did a tremendous job and finished all of the jobs that had been assigned to them much more quickly than the staff expected.  The staff was amazed at how diligently our students worked, and this allowed our students to help the staff set out new merchandise to be sold. Once again, our students represented our school and our Savior well!


Sophomore Class: Wake County Parks

The first park that we went to on our service day was Wooten Meadow Park. When we drove into the park, we saw three big piles of mulch and knew what we were there to do. When we got off the bus, the park representative gave us some instructions and equipment to work with, and then we split up into three different groups and two groups began putting mulch in a wheelbarrow and taking the wheelbarrows to the designated areas.  Another group was responsible for spreading the mulch. We did not have enough mulch to cover the whole park, but it still looked good. The park manager gave us snacks and water, and after that we got back on the bus and went to Crabtree Mall for lunch. When we were done with lunch, we got back on the bus and headed to Biltmore Hills Park. The same park representative was there, and she gave us some more instructions. We broke up into groups of two with one person picking up trash and the other one holding a trash bag. The park representative told us to go and pick up trash for a few hours, and then meet back at the main entrance. We were able to clean up all the trash in the park.  After a snack, we were able to take a break and go into the gym and play basketball. We played basketball for a bit, and then we left. On our way back to school, we stopped at McDonald’s for ice cream. After that we left and came back to school and our day was done. ~ Donavon Stell


Freshman Class: FCS/FBC Grounds

Our freshmen were busy on campus putting out 32 yards of mulch, 100 pine straw bales, and 58 plants. In addition to that, they removed numerous bushes and tree limbs. We had many hard workers who did a fantastic job to make THEIR campus look wonderful! 

What a blessing to see our students and staff rolling up their sleeves to make a difference in the community!

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Service Day 2017 

Seniors – Special Olympics

Juniors – Durham Rescue Mission

Sophomores – Wake County Parks

Freshmen – FCS Campus