Senior Internships

While the rest of the high school classes were on field trips, the senior class had the opportunity to jump into the work force.

Students are to choose a field they could be interested in pursuing and find someone in that field. They usually intern for 2 days / 5 hours each day. Students are also required to turn in a report detailing their time and what they did, followed by a personal evaluation of what they think after spending time behind the scenes of their perspective field. We talked to some seniors and heard a little more about their specific internships.

Morgan Estes was able to see what a doctor’s day looks like as she interned with Dr. Ng, a rehabilitation doctor at WakeMed. Morgan also had the opportunity to shadow in the NICU: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and observe what the nurses do there. After graduation, she plans on attending East Carolina University and eventually going on to become a doctor. Morgan found her internship to be beneficial in many ways, but she said, “It has been the most helpful in modeling how a good doctor thinks about his patients.”

Zachary Duncan worked at The First Tee of the Triangle, a youth development organization that provides educational programs through the game of golf. Zachary was able to work on golf clubs and prepare them to be used by participants. His goal is to become a professional golfer or work in the golf industry in some capacity.

One senior had a slightly different experience from Zachary and Morgan. Karissa Nelson was interested in multiple careers, so she used her internship days to observe two different fields. On Monday she was in a contained classroom at Abbotts Creek Elementary, and on Tuesday she traveled around with Melissa Brookshire, a speech and language pathologist. Through her experiences, she realized that teaching in a contained classroom isn’t for her; however, she really enjoyed seeing different ways to help students through speech therapy. Karissa said, “After watching her all day, I saw how much I would love to pursue some kind of therapy career.”

On October 9, Friendship Christian School will hold an appreciation banquet for anyone who hosted a student for senior internships.