Teacher Spotlight: David McClain

By: Lynden Pedder

His Story

Student Life Director, teacher, coach, husband, dad – Mr. McClain fills many roles in not only his personal life, but also at the school. Mr. McClain grew up in Ontario, Canada. After highschool, he attended Pensacola Christian College. He felt God pulling his heart towards education when he saw his friend preparing a bulletin board for a class. God began using the things in his life like his public speaking ability and his love for kids to help him teach. He says, “for the first time in my life it wasn’t my plan, and that’s how I knew teaching was God’s calling.” Mr. McClain has been a part of the FCS family for five years. He sacrifices his time in order to invest in the lives of students to point them towards Christ.


Student Testimonies

  1. “Mr. McClain always begins class with a devotional.” -8th grader

  2. “He is funny, and his teaching makes me enjoy the class.” -11th grader

  3. “He always tries to be cheerful to make class go by easier. He also takes time to answer questions completely.” -11th grader

Fun Facts

  1. Mr. McClain’s parents always thought he would be a lawyer or car salesman.

  2. Mr. McClain almost became a police officer before coming to Friendship.

  3. Sorry to all of his other classes, but Mr. McClain admits that fourth grade is his favorite to teach.


Information gathered by Rylie Loy and Lynden Pedder.