Friendship Christian Lifting Spirits

Written by: Simon Adams, 8th grade student at FCS

As kids returned from Christmas break, Friendship Christian School held their annual spirit week, a three day week full of fun games and wacky costumes to lift the students’ spirits as they return to school.

Every day students have different costume themes that they are supposed to wear to school. The theme of day one was to dress like an old person. Many students wore old fashioned clothes and even dyed their hair to fit the persona. Many students went all out and really set the bar high, starting off a great week for Friendship.

The second day of spirit week was Three-or-More Thursday; students had the option to match costumes with three or more friends. Many ideas came from common place themes. Jeffrey, an eighth grader at Friendship Christian School, did the theme of Business Casual and said, “My group name was inspired by the business casual theme in a workplace for an office job.” Jeffrey and his group, Business Casual, later was nominated the best theme of Three-or-More Thursday.

The third and final day of spirit week was Falcon Friday. Students were encouraged to wear as many of their school colors as they could. Many students came to school with dyed hair and green tutus and many other crazy outfits to show their school spirit. Friday was an amazing end to a fun-filled week back from Christmas.

Spirit week was full of great costumes and lots of laughs; kids at school are sure to be inspired as they come back from their break and return to school.