Middle School Field Trips

6th Grade – North Carolina Zoo
Asheboro, NC

The sixth graders had an early morning as they took off for the North Carolina Zoo. Students had worksheets to fill out with information they learned about the animals. Some favorite highlights were feeding the giraffes and watching the polar bear jump through the air! They enjoyed lunch at the zoo together then departed for the two-and-a-half hour drive back to Raleigh. Students had a great time!

7th Grade – Fort Fisher Aquarium and N.C. Battleship
Wilmington, NC

The seventh grade class departed FCS at seven o’clock Friday morning and headed to Wilmington, North Carolina. They enjoyed a morning at the Fort Fisher Aquarium while discovering facts about ocean life. After lunch, they toured the N.C. Battleship before heading home. There were lots of smiling faces (and some silly ones too)!

8th Grade – Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsburg, Virginia

The eighth graders had the earliest morning of everyone having the longest distance to travel. When they arrived, the class boarded the Jamestown-Scotland ferry and made their way to Colonial Williamsburg. The day’s activities included watching a historical movie, participating in a teacher-guided court room, taking a guided tour of Williamsburg, and finishing off the day at Golden Corral! All students receive a test grade for the work they complete while on their field trip.