Senior Falcon Takes on Eagle Project

Twelve years ago, a young kindergarten boy stepped foot onto our Friendship campus, and that same young boy just started his senior year of high school. Bert Rudolph is no stranger to Friendship Christian School. Some character traits that were used to describe him were: “hard worker, willing to do whatever I have asked him to do, likes to help out, a positive guy on the team.” Bert Rudolph has been putting those traits into action as he has been working toward becoming an Eagle Scout. In order to reach this achievement, scouts must complete an Eagle Service Project, and the project he chose will benefit Friendship athletics this year!
This goal of the Eagle Project is for the scout to show leadership while helping others through serving. The scouts choose the project themselves, but often times they ask for project ideas from leaders in their own lives. Bert ended up choosing to build a pair of cubbies that will hold baseball helmets, a baseball bat organizer for both dugouts, and a row of hooks behind the home soccer bench for the team to hang bags on. Rudolph said, “After talking to Mr. Nelson about possible project ideas, he gave me the idea for this one, and as an athlete that plays both of those sports, I thought it was a great idea and decided to do it.”
Steve Milton, FCS Athletic Director, spoke of the benefits of this project. “It will benefit the baseball program by improving the dugout and making it a more traditional dugout. It will improve the soccer field by organizing equipment and giving the bench area an organized appearance. Improving our facilities helps to legitimize what we’re trying to achieve.”
Rudolph has been in Scouts since he was 7, and he is looking forward to completing all requirements and becoming an Eagle Scout soon!