Winter Creative Writing Contest Winners

This quarter at FCS the students had an opportunity to participate in a creative writing contest. With a winner from each section possible, there were only two sections that participated: Elementary and High School.

The Elementary writing prompt was “If you could be any animal in the Nativity, which animal would you be? Why?” 

Our elementary students participated and there were a good number of entries. Congratulations to 3rd grader, Holly Blume! Her creative writing entry is below.

The Dove of the Nativity Scene

by Holly Blume

If I were an animal in the Nativity Scene, I would be a dove. Why? Because the dove represents the love of Jesus. God also sent the dove when Jesus got baptized. The dove was the Holy Spirit. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. So, I am now filled with the Holy Spirit. When Noah was alive, the dove went to get an olive twig for Noah. Doves are my favorite because God picked it for many things. I love God with all my heart, and you should too.

The Middle School & High School writing prompt for the poem category was “The Greatest Gift” 

For the next winner, we go to our high school students. With several entries in the poem category, we had a panel of judges anonymously vote on the top choice. Our next winner was from one of our juniors, Amy Martin, who entered into the poem category: The Greatest Gift. Her entry is below. Congratulations, Amy!

The Greatest Gift

by Amy Martin

Snowflakes falling in the gentle breeze

Water lays motionless as the freeze

The moon glows with great light

As is shines brightly on a winter night

There in the snow there are solemn oaths

As the wind reveals the swaddling clothes,

These clothes belong to a Child

Who is very timid and mild.

A Child whose parents who gave birth in a stable

For no room for them was available

A Child who is to be of royalty and wears a crown

But instead, is born in a small little town.

A Child who’s heavenly Father wishes not for mankind to stumble

That Child came to die for you and me,

So that we might go free.

So as the snow covers the swaddling clothes once more,

We all have something we adore.

Many things might cause our spirits to falsely lift,

We must remember that Jesus Christ really is the greatest gift.


Congratulations to Holly and Amy! Stay tuned for the next writing contest!