“Big Truss”

Published 1/27/24

A few years ago, I saw a clip of an after-game press conference with the Baltimore Ravens.  

Running back, Mark Ingram, stated “Big Truss” a few times in reference to the team’s full trust in their quarterback, Lamar Jackson.   Many were questioning his ability to get them a championship and using the common media tactic of trying to create or exploit any cracks in team relationships to create “news” that they can gleefully report on.

The phrase “Big Truss” began its 15 minutes of fame in the mainstream. 

Slang for “We have faith in him”, that phrase resonated in my head and I find it coming back to my mind occasionally.

Recently, at an administrator’s conference, my college friend, Jamison Coppolla, Government Relations Director for AACS in Washington, DC, was updating us on all things politics and the possible effects on Christian education.  

During his talk, he stated that the biggest issue he noticed from his perspective in DC is that America is losing trust.  A general sense of trust in elected officials and public servants to do what is right and to represent their constituents well has eroded to a point where many Americans feel they can’t even trust the election process itself.

That trust, if not restored, would seem to be leading us once again to a nation divided instead of united. Corruption, unchecked immigration, radical, woke agendas, and worship of the god of economic success seem to be accomplishing that task which is impossible from the outside ~ destroying the greatest nation that has ever existed and extinguishing the light of freedom. 

There can be no real trust without truth, and the assault on truth has set much of the world adrift in a sea of confusion and uncertainty.

Jesus told us that He and He alone is “the way, the truth, and the life” ~ the only available path to the Father.   All understood truth begins and ends with the Word of God ~ Jesus. 

In II Kings 18, God tells us about King Hezekiah that “after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah” because he “trusted in the LORD God of Israel” and “clave [gripped tightly]” to Him.  He had “Big Truss” in the truth that Jehovah God was the true God.

In Proverbs 3, we are told to follow Hezekiah’s example and “trust in the LORD with all thine heart” and “acknowledge Him in all our ways”.  

Corrupt politics? Trust the LORD. Conspiracy theories? Trust the LORD. Conflict in relationships? Trust the LORD. Every day in every way, Trust the LORD.

Only when we learn to have Big Truss in the LORD will we find the peace and soul rest that God desires for us to experience.