He is Risen Indeed

Posted 3/30/24

This weekend is the worldwide celebration or at least remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection as the pivot point of all history as well as the end of Women’s History Month.

As this confused world screams about how important women are while simultaneously, intentionally seeking to destroy the very essence of femininity, God’s Word embodied in His Son offers the only true view of the valuation of women.

In a society that disdained women and treated them horribly, Jesus had close friendships with Mary and Martha and freely interacted with them ~ even those considered “unworthy.”  Women were the first to discover the empty tomb and Mary Magdalene was the first to see Him in His risen form.  Jesus never treated a woman with anything other than gentle compassion.  He never used them.

The picture of Mary standing at the foot of the cross where Jesus gives John the charge to care for her never really struck me as unusual because I have grown up in a world where that is almost expected as the norm.  Now I realize how radical it must have been.

I often think about that Roman soldier standing nearby who proclaimed “Truly, this was the Son of God.” Imagine what he saw.  He was a Roman – one of the master race – and women were tools to be used not cared for.  Love and sacrifice instead of domination, fear, and hate.  How that scene must have impacted him!

As a father of a 13-year-old young woman growing up in a world of chaos, I hope she will always be able to see that it is only Jesus and the true Gospel message that will give her life value and meaning no matter what this insane world tells her.

Here are some great articles* for you to read more on the topic and perhaps use to discuss with your children ~ boys and girls.  I did not share with students because of some of the topics/issues that are addressed.  Use discernment about sharing and discussing.

Jesus Changed Everything for Women (  “That every human being possessed an equal dignity was not remotely a self-evident truth. A Roman would have laughed at it. To campaign against discrimination on the grounds of gender or sexuality, however, was to depend on large numbers of people sharing in a common assumption: that everyone possessed an inherent worth. The origins of this principle . . . lay not in the French Revolution, nor in the Declaration of Independence, nor in the Enlightenment, but in the Bible.”

A Parent’s Guide to Feminism from a treatise for understanding feminism and its waves and terminologies with summaries ~ “Where does feminism diverge from Christian morality?” and “Can Christianity and feminism coexist?”  Good conversation starters and suggestions for families.

Why Young Men Are Turning Against Feminism from the Survey Center for American Life:  just impartial facts and data about views and opinions from research.  Feminism has created a lot of angry men, old and young, but not everyone views it in the same way.

Happy Easter, Falcon Family. He is risen!!

*Sharing these links and articles is not an endorsement all of the writing and views presented by each site.  Views and opinions may not be in line with Friendship Baptist Church and Christian School.  Use Biblical discernment.