Elementary NCCSA Fine Arts Competition Results

2023 Elementary Fine Arts Competitions

Our upper elementary students have been working hard to learn different elements from the fine arts. Each elementary class has certain special fine arts classes each week: music, choir, and art. During elementary specials, our teachers help prepare them for the NCCSA Fine Arts competition. This year our students competed in a variety of categories: band, choir, art, spelling bee, academic testing, piano, instrumental and vocal solos. Throughout the school year, students have been preparing for the 2-day competition hosted at Faith Christian Academy in Goldsboro, NC on April 27-28, 2023. 

Choir singings

Our students that participated in the art categories had their artwork dropped off early on Monday for the judging to take place before Thursday. The art was displayed throughout the week so students from other schools could walk through the displays of art. On Thursday, our elementary solo competitors left school to participate. We had a handful of students participate in solo or small group competitions. 

elementary boys at fine arts

On Friday, our elementary students left for the competition. This group consisted of students from the third through the sixth grade. They participated in various solo and group activities such as instrumental or vocal groupings. The students were also able to walk through the art exhibit and look at pieces from various schools. 


NCCSA Fine Arts Results  Girls smiling at fine arts     

First Place 
  • Nolan Vradenburgh (5th grade) – Vocal Solo 
  • Lucas Tran (6th grade) – Piano Solo
  • Noah Ayers (6th grade) – Percussion Solo
  • Merritt Peed (5th grade) – Art Painting
  • Anna Burgess (5th grade)- Spelling Bee
  • Small Vocal Ensemble
  • Choir
Second Place 
  • Caitlyn Spruill (4th grade) Art Polychromatic Drawing
  • Caitlyn Spruill (4th grade) – Vocal Solo
  • Lucas Tran (6th grade) – Woodwind Solo
  • Kendall Cruz/Caitlyn Spruill (4th grade) – Piano Duet
  • Ali Chaney/Noah Ayers (6th grade) – Piano Duet
Third Place
  • Reed Baldwin (5th grade) – Academic Testing English
  • Ali Chaney (6th grade) – Piano Solo
  • Aaron Jones (5th grade) – Brass Solo
  • Small Instrumental Ensemble
  • Large Vocal Ensemble
  • Instrumental Band

Thank you to all of our students for your hard work this year! Congratulations on a job well done!

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