Lands’ End Uniform Program

We are pleased to announce that FCS has formed a partnership with the Lands’ End Uniform Program.  This program offers an opportunity for our FCS family to purchase polos, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and other items with the school logo, along with uniform style pants, at any time during the year.  As an added bonus, FCS receives a small portion of the sale price back from Lands’ End.

Lands’ End has created a customized website for FCS that allows you to browse and shop for the items that have been specifically selected for our students.

 Benefits to this program:

·         Items are available year-round

·         Lands’ End offers special sales throughout the year

·         All items (including items with logos) may be returned either to Lands’ End or to the Sears location Lands’ End sections

·         FCS receives a small portion of the sale price back from Lands’ End.

 How the program works:

·       Click here to be connected to the FCS customized website

·         Enter your student’s name and grade; PLEASE NOTE:  The dress code checklist is based on your child’s grade level and gender so you will need to enter each child’s information.

·         You may either click on the Shop Now button or create an account and save your information to your account.

·         Once you click the Shop Now or save the information to your account, you are ready to begin shopping.  Please note – you may enter more than one child’s name and grade – each one will be added to your profile.  This will allow you to access the dress code for each child based on grade and gender.

·         There are two ways to browse the items available

·       Scroll down the page and browse through the items pictured

·        Click on the show checklist button at the bottom of the student box to see a listing of all items available

·         Please note that if you would like to add a logo to an item, a separate box must be checked and a logo fee may apply.

 As mentioned before, this program allows you to purchase FCS logo items throughout the year.  We will still offer the athletic items (athletic kit for athletes, PE uniforms, and other athletic wear) at the beginning of each school year. The Lands’ End program is set up primarily for daily wear items.