A Thanksgiving Note

Giving is a key part of the word thanksgiving.   We can’t give anything that we don’t already possess.  Unthankful people don’t have any thanks to give.  A sense of entitlement, hearts filled with anger or bitterness, a desire to be our own god; all will keep us from having any thanks to give.   We must […]

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Ishida

Alumni Spotlight:  Sarah Ishida The mission of Friendship Christian School is to “provide an excellent educational experience from a biblical worldview in order to produce the next generation of well-rounded servant leaders.” Over the past 52 years, FCS has graduated hundreds of students who have gone on to exemplify this mission statement. The Alumni Spotlight […]

2021 Award Winning Yearbook

Once A Falcon, Always A Falcon These are the words and theme of the 2020-2021 FCS Talon, the school’s yearbook. Fast forward to last Friday, September 3, 2021. Our yearbook staff kicked off the new school year with their annual workday with our wonderful yearbook representative. The yearbook staff enjoyed a day full of design tips, […]